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What's the 'sweat index' for your favourite Easter treats?



It’s that chocolatey time of year again and we all know how much we love our Easter treats! Here’s the inside scoop on how to indulge responsibly this season.

To help you understand just how much exercise your favourite Easter treats take to burn off, we have a sweat index for you to follow;

•        4 solid mini eggs (25 grams) = 30 to 40 minutes walking

•        2 hot cross buns (144 grams) = 40 to 50 minutes running

•        1 Hollow egg (50 grams) = 30-minute running

•        1 Chocolate chip hot cross buns (67 grams) = 1.5hr yoga class A

To read more about ABC Health & Wellness ‘sweat index’ chart, click here.

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