Centre Info

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri
8.00am - 9.00pm
8.00am - 5.00pm
11:00am - 5:00pm

See our Store Directory for opening hours of restaurants and cafes.

See our Centre Directory and Map for store locations.

Lost and Found is located in the Centre Management Office. Please note that Coles also offers a Lost and Found service.

Parking is located off Guildford Road, Old Perth Road, West Road and Whitfield St. The car park is now monitored by Secure Parking. Complimentary parking is available for up to 4 hours. Any car parked longer than this 4 hour limit will result in a breach notice. If you wish to query a breach notice you have received while shopping in the Centre, please visit our Guest Services Desk or call 9426 8893.  

Taxi Rank at Bassendean Shopping Centre is located outside Coles.

Photocopying can be purchased from Bassendean Chemmart.

Post Box located at Australia Post near Coles.

Mobility Services Bassendean Shopping Centre offers wheelchair services. Services can be booked at Centre Management Office, if you visit the centre regularly we can arrange to have a recurring booking for you.

Any mobility scooter being operated in the centre, must be utilised in a safe manner and it must not be driven / used at a pace faster than walking pace within the centre.

Parents Room for your convenience we have a Parents Room equipped with a change table.

Wheelchair Access

  • ACROD parking spaces are located in the upper carpark (off West Road), at both the Chemmart Pharmacy entrance and the ANZ entrance.
  • Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter access to the centre is available via the upper main carpark (off West Road) and Whitfield Street entrance.
  • Wheelchair-friendly restrooms are located next to the Centre Management Office.
  • Please note that the travelator is not suitable for wheelchair / mobility scooter use, please utilise the accessible entrances advised above.

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